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Omega Frequency

A Podcast About the Beginning of the End

About Omega Frequency


  • Omega Frequency is a podcast about the beginning of the end. 

  • Omega Frequency is hosted by BDK. He produces a podcast that is dedicated to encouraging and equiping the remnant Bride of Christ in this prophetic hour! He also interviews guests on various topics and end times issues from a Christian worldview. New episodes air on Monday at 11:00 am (EST)

  • Omega Frequency produces at least one monthly  listener-directed Q&A episode. It is entitled Ready With An Answer. If you have a Bible related question, the virtual mailbag is wide open… ask what ever question is on your heart! You can do that here:  

  • Omega Frequency also presents a monthly series of episodic teaching lessons entitled Bride Bootcamp. Bride Bootcamp consists of theological subjects from a Spirt-filled viewpoint. You can listen to episodes of Bride Bootcamp here:  

  • Omega Frequency can be reached at: 

  • Omega Frequency's origin story can be heard in the player below: