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Omega Frequency

A Podcast About the Beginning of the End

Episode 1 - Signal Origin...

On this week’s program we discuss what is behind the bombings & beheadings in Syria, the upcomeing blood moons, and the possible formation of a United Nations of Religion. Then we go beyond the headlines to answer the question of why the subject of bible prophecy is important.

*Note: this is our first podcast and doesn't follow our standard format. Our current format (with the Bible study on the Book of Revelation) starts on episode 2.

Show notes:

President Obama U.N. General Assembly Address

Jihadists in Syria using crucifixion in executions

Christian Teenagers Crucified, Unborn Babies Hung From Trees in Syria

Comparing ISIL vs Islam

Full video of Chris White’s view of the blood moons

Mark Biltz Blood Red Moons & End Time Events-- His statement about the return of Yeshua.

Peres proposes ‘UN for religions’ to pope at Vatican

Pope Francis And The Emerging One World Religion

Pope leads world prayer day

Obama Inauguration: Rick Warren Prayer

Rick Warren and Chrislam 2.0

Joel Osteen Meets with Pope Francis at Vatican

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same god?

Are All Religions the Same at Their Core?