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Episode 98: Strange Days With Dissident Prophet

Episode 98 features BDK interviewing Andy and Mel from the apocalyptic indie rock band Dissident Prophet. We will be previewing six new songs from their soon to be released album Strange Days. We will go behind the music by discussing the topics that inspired the songs and Bible prophecy. What is happening in the world? Why has so much of the current geo-political and spiritual state of the world seem to have become unhinged? Has the vacuum created by moral relativism freed us from our restraints or fashioned us a new cage? Will the Church rise up and shake it’s self from it’s spiritual slumber? How do we navigate these strange days? Join us and find out. This is truly one broadcast you won't want to miss!

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Episode 68 - “Brexit” A Doorway To Global Control With Leonard Ulrich

I know it sounds crazy to suggest that Britain’s exit from the EU might be part of a plan by certain players within the global elite to gain more control. Filmmaker Leonard Ulrich is asking some very interesting questions in this interview. Was the chronology of the “Brexit” vote planed and guided? If so, by who? Was the outcome managed? Why did the market crash on Friday then miraculously recover a few days later? Was the Eurozone designed to fail? Was “Brexit” just the first vote of no confidence? Will more countries follow suit? What role did people’s frustrations actually play in the vote? Will these frustrations spill over to America? Will frustration, division, and economic uncertainty get so bad that we will gladly welcome our new overlords in exchange for a loaf of bread and piece of mind? Some of the answers may surprise you! 

Show notes:

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