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Episode 86 - Witchcraft In The Church? With Kelli Pierce

This episode asks the question is witchcraft being practiced within some churches today? To help me answer this question I’m joined by Kelli Pierce. She was a former high priestess in a pagan witchcraft coven. She has been greatly troubled by some of the recent practices and even some of the best selling books in Christian bookstores. Why? Because when she looks at some of these extra- Biblical practices and teachings she sees very little difference between them and the rituals she used to practice! Now this episode isn’t a Biblical “witch hunt”, instead it is a rational look at what witchcraft really is Biblically. When we understand what the Bible says witchcraft is, we will then be able to examine some of these extra- Biblical practices and teachings to see if they are scriptural. Kelli is very passionate about exposing the dark side of spirituality so that people aren’t deceived by the things that once deceived her. Her passion and heart to see the darkness dispelled really shines through in this episode.

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Episode 73 - Grace To Run The Final Race With Pastor Phil Baker

On this episode I’m joined by Pastor Phil Baker. He recently wrote an amazing 12 part series on the subject of Biblical grace, hyper grace, and how the misuse of grace fulfills end times prophecy. Most importantly, he covers how God’s true grace can empower you to grow in your faith and finish your race strong! We are going to cover some of these topics and shed some light on this important subject. Along the way we’ll answer such questions as: What role does grace play in repentance? Are all of our sins forgiven when we get saved? Why do we need to ask for forgiveness when we sin? Is it Biblical to say that because of God’s grace, when God sees Christians, He sees them through the lens of the blood of Jesus? We’ll also talk about Joseph Prince’s teaching on hyper grace and “Mother Grace”. So grab a tasty beverage and join us as we dive deep into God’s Word!

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Episode 67 - Esau’s Tears

Hebrews 12:16-17 recount how Esau sold his inheritance for a single meal. After he was rejected, he found no place of repentance - even though he sought it carefully with many tears. We as the Remnant Bride of Christ have an amazing spiritual inheritance. What is it? What are some of the things that people are selling this inheritance for today? Join me for a soul stirring evangelistic message this week on Omega Frequency.

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Episode 50 - The Remnant: United We Stand With Special Guests Dr. Michael Lake and Sam Swanson

This week is the 50th episode…and we are talking about the Remnant! The Remnant is a called out body of believers who are not for sale, but are passionately pursing God. As members of the Body of Christ we each have a mission to fulfill using the talents that He gave us. We must learn that we can not do this alone. We must stand united for the cause of Christ! Join me for two powerful interviews. First Sam talks about the importance of being the property of God and not of the world. Then we talk about how to walk in obedience to our calling and the need to stand with others of like passion. We then make a major announcement concerning the Omega Frequency Podcast. Then in our second segment Dr Lake thoroughly discusses the remnant and their Biblical destiny in the end times. Make no mistake, we have been commissioned by our King for such a time as this! 


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Episode 48 - Questions and Answers on Spiritual Warfare With Kay Carswell

Last week’s episode outlined the Bible’s battle plan for resisting the devil and watching him flee! Part two in this series concludes by answering some listener questions on this vital topic! Learn what our response should be when attacks turn personal and the torment becomes real and physical. Discover the power of forgiveness and how it undoes Satan’s strategy to wound you. Are generational curses real? How can they be broken? What does it mean to plead the blood of Jesus? Unmask the identities of the “principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world” in Ephesians 6:12 and learn the secret of their authority. Why are the frequency and intensity of spiritual attacks increasing and what can we do about it? Is the Government using certain technology against us like HAARP to weaken our minds and make us more prone to attack? Most importantly, does God have a plan to bring us the ultimate victory? Yes He does, and we have an important part in that plan…find out what it is in this week’s episode! 

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Books Referenced In This Episode:

"The Unseen Realm" By Dr. Michael Heiser

"The Black Awakening" By Russ Dizdar

"The Cosmic Chess Match" By L.A. Marzulli

Article Referenced In This Episode:

Shutting Down Part of Brain Changes Views on God, Immigrants

Project MK-Ultra (An Overview)