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Episode 49 - Armed and Dangerous With Pastor Caspar McCloud

Pastor McCloud is an outstanding guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He was even called the next Jimi Hendrix by Ahmet Ertegun, who was the CEO of Atlantic Records. Listen as Caspar shares how he came to saving faith in Yeshua. Now he choses to glorify God by using his gifts for the Kingdom. Hear the advice he gives those who play music or lead worship. Learn how worship can be a spiritual weapon in these last days. For as the days become darker, we have a hope that burns brighter! Prepare your heart and mind to walk in a supernatural peace as you open your spiritual eyes to the truth of the victory we have in Yeshua’s mighty name! Pick up the Sword of the Spirit and become armed and dangerous!

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Show notes:

Pastor Caspar McCloud's Facebook Page

The Upper Room Fellowship

Nothing Is Impossible: Read Pastor Caspar's Testimony

Check Out Pastor Caspar's Music

Read Pastor Caspar's Books

Listen To Spiritual Encounters with Caspar McCloud


Episode 48 - Questions and Answers on Spiritual Warfare With Kay Carswell

Last week’s episode outlined the Bible’s battle plan for resisting the devil and watching him flee! Part two in this series concludes by answering some listener questions on this vital topic! Learn what our response should be when attacks turn personal and the torment becomes real and physical. Discover the power of forgiveness and how it undoes Satan’s strategy to wound you. Are generational curses real? How can they be broken? What does it mean to plead the blood of Jesus? Unmask the identities of the “principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world” in Ephesians 6:12 and learn the secret of their authority. Why are the frequency and intensity of spiritual attacks increasing and what can we do about it? Is the Government using certain technology against us like HAARP to weaken our minds and make us more prone to attack? Most importantly, does God have a plan to bring us the ultimate victory? Yes He does, and we have an important part in that plan…find out what it is in this week’s episode! 

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Show Notes:

Deception Detection Radio

Deception Detection (Facebook)

Kay Carswell (Facebook)

Listen To Part One - “This Means War!” With Kay Carswell

Books Referenced In This Episode:

"The Unseen Realm" By Dr. Michael Heiser

"The Black Awakening" By Russ Dizdar

"The Cosmic Chess Match" By L.A. Marzulli

Article Referenced In This Episode:

Shutting Down Part of Brain Changes Views on God, Immigrants

Project MK-Ultra (An Overview)