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Episode 106 - It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

3rd anniversary show! Episode 106 features a heartfelt conversation with BDK about living in this prophetic hour. Are we the last generation? How can we remain focused on the Biblical return of Christ in the midst of sensational end times predictions? What are three things we can do to truly honor our King in this moment? Join me for a balanced Bible based discussion of Bible prophecy. This is truly one broadcast you won't want to miss!

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Episode 76 - Preparing To Live Life In The Shadow Of Christ’s Second Coming With Justen Faull

Our last episode answered questions about how and when Christ would return. This episode seeks to answer the question of what we should do to prepare our lives for that prophetic hour. Helping me sort through this issue is Justen Faull who is the host of The Fourth Watch Radio Network. Make no mistake, it will take spiritually maturity if we are to endure a spiritually trying time. What does Jesus define as spiritual maturity? How can we grow in faith and grace? How can we fortify our hearts, and if we make our heart a spiritual bunker, what spiritual rations should we place inside it? What are some practical things we can do right now to prepare for future impractical times? What role does the fear of God play in our lives, and could it actually bring us supernatural peace in times where people would naturally be afraid? What is the one item you must have in your spiritual “go bag”? These are just some of things we will discuss. We will also listen to some rather interesting “prophecies and predictions” that where made last year in September that where supposed to be fulfilled before this October episode aired. We will discuss how to Biblically distinguish if a prediction or prophecy is from the Lord, or just a person’s own insight or information. We will examine what weight we should give to these words verses the weight we should assign to Christ’s words. If Christ word’s are to be trusted, trying times are coming. We will need the eyes of faith to “see” beyond what our physical eyes can see so that we can trust the promises of God. Justen will share with us a simple and effective way to build our faith in the promises of God today.

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Episode 75 - A Pastor And A Podcaster Answer Questions Regarding The “Rapture” Of The Church

Join Pastor Phil Baker and BDK for Omega Frequency’s first monthly listener-directed Q&A podcast! This show revolves around 15 questions posed to us by our listeners on the issue of the rapture of the Church and Christ’s second coming. We start by answering “Why are you doing a show on the rapture? The word rapture is not in the Bible!” We then break down the term in light of 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and place it into the context of the events surrounding Jesus’ return. What is our “blessed hope”? Where is the rapture in relation to the seven year tribulation? Is the rapture described in the Book of Revelation, and if so - where? Is the Church on the earth during the tribulation according to Revelation chapters 4-19? Is the concept of dispensationalism Biblical? Do the Churches in Revelation represent different Church ages? What happens at the judgement seat of Christ? Could the alignment of certain stars on Sept. 23, 2017 signal either the rapture or the beginning of the tribulation? What did the Jewish people of Jesus’ day believe about Messianic Biblical prophecy? Does it matter what you believe about the second coming of Jesus as long as you believe in a second coming? Is that viewpoint a wise and safe way to approach our Lord’s return? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion!

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Episode 42 - Examining the Evidence of Noah’s Ark With Mark Combs

My special guest this week is fellow podcaster and author Mark Combs. He wrote an amazing book entitled “End the Beginning”. In this book He deconstructs the flood account, piece by piece, then puts all the evidence back together again like a CSI investigation into the days of Noah. Join me as we logically and simply answer the big questions people have concerning the trustworthiness of the biblical account. How could such a primitive man make such a big ark? How could he rescue all those animals and fit them inside of the ark? How could that ark be sea worthy during such a violent storm? Where did all that flood water come from and where did it go afterwards? By the time this interview is over you will have some answers you can use to logically defend your faith. Finally, we look at what lessons we can learn from the account of Noah in regards to current end times events.

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