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Episode 64 - The Remnant Reformation With Kay Carswell & BDK

During the Dark Ages the spiritual climate of the day was one of darkness and apostasy. It was against this spiritually challenging backdrop that God in His mercy raised up the reformers who brought a reformation of truth to the Body of Christ. Kay Carswell of Deception Detection Radio and I discuss how events during the historical Reformation mirrors today’s spiritual climate. Could God in His mercy once again raise up men and women of God to call the Body of Christ back to Biblical truth in the end-times? Join me and find out! 

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Episode 46 - The Acts 2:17 Mandate With Kay Carswell

Acts 2:17 declares God’s amazing plan to raise up a powerful generation of young people who will walk in the boldness and power of the Holy Ghost! This week’s episode will address how the Church can help fulfill this prophetic mandate. There is a generation of young men and women who are hungry for a genuine spiritual encounter with Yeshua. Will they find it amongst God’s people or will they be deceived by a counterfeit? Kay Carswell is the host of Deception Detection Radio and has a passion to see people transformed by the truth of God’s Word. At the end of this episode she speaks directly to young women and I speak to young men on how they can live a sold out, radical Kingdom life.

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Episode 24 - A Conversation With Daniel Holdings

On this week’s episode I’m joined by author Daniel Holdings. We talk about CERN, inter-dimensional beings, and the end times. Daniel also shares his insights concerning physics and the Bible. Join me for an interview where the truth is stranger than fiction!


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Book 1: "Three Days in the Belly of the Beast"

Book 2: "As the Darkness Falls"

Book 3: "Between the Veil"

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