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Episode 103 - Blockchain Of The Beast With Leonard Ulrich

Episode 103 features a conversation with Leonard Ulrich about Blockchain technology. What is Blockchain? It is monitored biological digital DNA. Some of the things Leonard and I discuss are: what is crypto-currency? Why do major world powers want to control digital currency? Why does the government want to implement Blockchain technology? Does Blockchain technology fit into the Beast system? Will this technology morph into a real life Matrix? What will the NWO look like in the future? Does the Bible have answers on how we prepare for this prophetic hour? We will address these questions and more. This is truly one broadcast you won't want to miss!

Show Notes:

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Episode 78 - The Reformation Road Part One With Johnny Cirucci

On 10/31/16 Pope Francis held an ecumenical service in Sweden between Catholics and Lutherans. That service kicks off a series of events that will lead to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The Pope hopes to “undo the rift” that the Reformation caused between Protestants and Catholics. The question we must ask ourselves is why would Rome seek to “rewrite” the history of the Reformation? Is the Reformation a threat to Rome’s power structure? Could it be that within the history of the Reformation there lies many powerful examples of how the Truth can set a person free from spiritual deception? What was so powerful about the Truth of God’s Word that the Reformers where willing to die for it? This special two part series will answer the following questions: First, what happened during the Reformation, and why is it’s history important to the Church today? What is Rome doing today to infiltrate and side track the Protestant Reformation? Finally, why must we continue on the path the Reformers started us on? Join me for part one, where Johnny shares with us the history of the movement Rome seeks to rewrite with it’s very own counter Reformation!

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Episode 68 - “Brexit” A Doorway To Global Control With Leonard Ulrich

I know it sounds crazy to suggest that Britain’s exit from the EU might be part of a plan by certain players within the global elite to gain more control. Filmmaker Leonard Ulrich is asking some very interesting questions in this interview. Was the chronology of the “Brexit” vote planed and guided? If so, by who? Was the outcome managed? Why did the market crash on Friday then miraculously recover a few days later? Was the Eurozone designed to fail? Was “Brexit” just the first vote of no confidence? Will more countries follow suit? What role did people’s frustrations actually play in the vote? Will these frustrations spill over to America? Will frustration, division, and economic uncertainty get so bad that we will gladly welcome our new overlords in exchange for a loaf of bread and piece of mind? Some of the answers may surprise you! 

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Episode 34 - The Shinar Directive With Dr. Michael Lake

Did you ever wonder why Yahweh intervened at the Tower of Babel and stopped Nimrod before he could finish building it? Did the unfinished work of Nimrod restart again at the beginning of the 20th century? Have the Watchers returned to help finish Nimrod’s work? What does this mean for humanity in the 21st century? Join me as we answer these questions and more on this week’s episode.

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Episode 32 - Jade Helm 15: One Nation Under Lockdown With Lisa Haven

Investigative reporter Lisa Haven is my special guest for this episode. We discuss Jade Helm 15 and the possible endgame behind these government exercises. She has also uncovered a government document entitled Project Meggido, which specifically labels Christians as an extremist terrorist threat. Will project Meggido have any impact on Jade Helm 15? Join me as we discuss these important issues. 

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Show Notes:

Lisa's Website: Lisa Haven News

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Lisa's Report On Jade Helm 15

Lisa's Report On Project Megiddo

Lisa's Report on Christian Persecution

Military Warned ‘Evangelicals’ No. 1 Threat!

CBN Report: Janet Reno Calls Christians Cultists on 60 Minutes

U.S. City Spies On Churches, Demands Licenses

Episode 29 - A Conversation With Leonard Ulrich

This week’s episode features Leonard Ulrich who produced the documentary "NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1”. Join me as we discuss current events, global government, the Luciferian agenda, and Bible prophecy.

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Show notes:

Leonard Ulrich's Website -

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