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Episode 92 - Ready With An Answer Featuring Phil Baker And BDK (April Edition Part One)

Episode 92 features part one of April’s monthly listener-directed Q&A podcast! Join Phil Baker and BDK as they answer your questions on a wide variety of Biblical topics. We open the virtual listener mail bag and cover such questions as: What is the prophetic significance of the fig tree parable? What is the meaning of “This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.”? What is the meaning of “One shall be taken, the other shall be left.”? When did Satan fall? Was it the day after creation, or does the gap theory shed some light on this fall from grace? Where there "others" who lived on this earth before God created Adam?  One listener is fearful that they will “miss the rapture”, can Phil and I give any advice on how to prepare ourselves for life in this prophetic hour? What does it mean that God will make Abraham’s offspring too numerous to count? Is there a prophetic significance to this promise? What is the “Ark of Gabriel”? What should be our attitude towards the secular arts? Is it wise for Christians to watch movies like Beauty & the Beast? What do we think of heavy metal music? What does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion. So please check it out, this is truly one broadcast you won't want to miss!

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 61

Episode 84 - Ready With An Answer Featuring Phil Baker And BDK (Jan. Edition Part One)

Join Phil Baker and BDK for part one of Omega Frequency’s listener-directed Q&A podcast for the month of January! We start the new year by answering your questions on the Bible! We cover the basics of how to study the Bible and then launch into some deeper theological questions. Some of the questions in this two part series include: what method would you recommend for a year long "cover to cover" approach? When studying a passage where do you focus your attention? How much focus should be on both Old and New Testaments when doing a Bible study? Is reading a book written by a prominent teacher just as effective as studying the Bible? How can one who has no seminary training get deeper into the Bible? How do you reconcile some of the parts of the Bible that seem to disagree? How do you find the many layers of a passage without stepping sideways into mysticism? Does the Bible support powers behind artifacts such as the Spear of Destiny, the Garments of Adam and Eve, and the Umin and Thummin? How can we effectively answer questions from non-Christians with out always saying "because the Bible says so”? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion! 

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Episode 76 - Preparing To Live Life In The Shadow Of Christ’s Second Coming With Justen Faull

Our last episode answered questions about how and when Christ would return. This episode seeks to answer the question of what we should do to prepare our lives for that prophetic hour. Helping me sort through this issue is Justen Faull who is the host of The Fourth Watch Radio Network. Make no mistake, it will take spiritually maturity if we are to endure a spiritually trying time. What does Jesus define as spiritual maturity? How can we grow in faith and grace? How can we fortify our hearts, and if we make our heart a spiritual bunker, what spiritual rations should we place inside it? What are some practical things we can do right now to prepare for future impractical times? What role does the fear of God play in our lives, and could it actually bring us supernatural peace in times where people would naturally be afraid? What is the one item you must have in your spiritual “go bag”? These are just some of things we will discuss. We will also listen to some rather interesting “prophecies and predictions” that where made last year in September that where supposed to be fulfilled before this October episode aired. We will discuss how to Biblically distinguish if a prediction or prophecy is from the Lord, or just a person’s own insight or information. We will examine what weight we should give to these words verses the weight we should assign to Christ’s words. If Christ word’s are to be trusted, trying times are coming. We will need the eyes of faith to “see” beyond what our physical eyes can see so that we can trust the promises of God. Justen will share with us a simple and effective way to build our faith in the promises of God today.

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Episode 75 - A Pastor And A Podcaster Answer Questions Regarding The “Rapture” Of The Church

Join Pastor Phil Baker and BDK for Omega Frequency’s first monthly listener-directed Q&A podcast! This show revolves around 15 questions posed to us by our listeners on the issue of the rapture of the Church and Christ’s second coming. We start by answering “Why are you doing a show on the rapture? The word rapture is not in the Bible!” We then break down the term in light of 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and place it into the context of the events surrounding Jesus’ return. What is our “blessed hope”? Where is the rapture in relation to the seven year tribulation? Is the rapture described in the Book of Revelation, and if so - where? Is the Church on the earth during the tribulation according to Revelation chapters 4-19? Is the concept of dispensationalism Biblical? Do the Churches in Revelation represent different Church ages? What happens at the judgement seat of Christ? Could the alignment of certain stars on Sept. 23, 2017 signal either the rapture or the beginning of the tribulation? What did the Jewish people of Jesus’ day believe about Messianic Biblical prophecy? Does it matter what you believe about the second coming of Jesus as long as you believe in a second coming? Is that viewpoint a wise and safe way to approach our Lord’s return? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion!

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Episode 68 - “Brexit” A Doorway To Global Control With Leonard Ulrich

I know it sounds crazy to suggest that Britain’s exit from the EU might be part of a plan by certain players within the global elite to gain more control. Filmmaker Leonard Ulrich is asking some very interesting questions in this interview. Was the chronology of the “Brexit” vote planed and guided? If so, by who? Was the outcome managed? Why did the market crash on Friday then miraculously recover a few days later? Was the Eurozone designed to fail? Was “Brexit” just the first vote of no confidence? Will more countries follow suit? What role did people’s frustrations actually play in the vote? Will these frustrations spill over to America? Will frustration, division, and economic uncertainty get so bad that we will gladly welcome our new overlords in exchange for a loaf of bread and piece of mind? Some of the answers may surprise you! 

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Episode 56 - The Revolution Is Calling With Justen Faull

There’s a revolution of Truth stirring in the hearts and minds of God’s people. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, our Heavenly Father wants our lives to be transformed by the Word of God. He is not merely calling us to read about the Truth, but to be changed by it. If these truly are the “end times” then how should we live? As His ambassadors God is calling His children to live a radical Kingdom lifestyle. Join me this week as Justen Faull and I have a spirited discussion on how we can answer that call!

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Episode 52 - From Radical Feminist to Christian Truther Hippie Housewife With Isa the “End Times Mama”

Isa was the prototypical hippie radical growing up in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, California. She was a passionate follower of the Marxist revolutionist Che Guevara. She and her friends believed that if they could influence the right people, join the right causes, and vote the right people into office they could help change the world. She believed this until a personal tragedy took her half way around the world to Bosnia. While there she began to see things in a different light. This event planted the seeds of spiritual discontentment in her life. Soon these seeds grew into major questions that God answered as she began working in a garden. Hear how she encountered the Gospel of Christ and a simple, radical Truth that not only set her free, but took away her fears about living in the end times. Join me as she discusses how we can live above the influence of fear and how we can raise spiritually healthy families. 

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How Gardening Lead Me To God

Episode 50 - The Remnant: United We Stand With Special Guests Dr. Michael Lake and Sam Swanson

This week is the 50th episode…and we are talking about the Remnant! The Remnant is a called out body of believers who are not for sale, but are passionately pursing God. As members of the Body of Christ we each have a mission to fulfill using the talents that He gave us. We must learn that we can not do this alone. We must stand united for the cause of Christ! Join me for two powerful interviews. First Sam talks about the importance of being the property of God and not of the world. Then we talk about how to walk in obedience to our calling and the need to stand with others of like passion. We then make a major announcement concerning the Omega Frequency Podcast. Then in our second segment Dr Lake thoroughly discusses the remnant and their Biblical destiny in the end times. Make no mistake, we have been commissioned by our King for such a time as this! 


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Episode 48 - Questions and Answers on Spiritual Warfare With Kay Carswell

Last week’s episode outlined the Bible’s battle plan for resisting the devil and watching him flee! Part two in this series concludes by answering some listener questions on this vital topic! Learn what our response should be when attacks turn personal and the torment becomes real and physical. Discover the power of forgiveness and how it undoes Satan’s strategy to wound you. Are generational curses real? How can they be broken? What does it mean to plead the blood of Jesus? Unmask the identities of the “principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world” in Ephesians 6:12 and learn the secret of their authority. Why are the frequency and intensity of spiritual attacks increasing and what can we do about it? Is the Government using certain technology against us like HAARP to weaken our minds and make us more prone to attack? Most importantly, does God have a plan to bring us the ultimate victory? Yes He does, and we have an important part in that plan…find out what it is in this week’s episode! 

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Books Referenced In This Episode:

"The Unseen Realm" By Dr. Michael Heiser

"The Black Awakening" By Russ Dizdar

"The Cosmic Chess Match" By L.A. Marzulli

Article Referenced In This Episode:

Shutting Down Part of Brain Changes Views on God, Immigrants

Project MK-Ultra (An Overview)

Episode 32 - Jade Helm 15: One Nation Under Lockdown With Lisa Haven

Investigative reporter Lisa Haven is my special guest for this episode. We discuss Jade Helm 15 and the possible endgame behind these government exercises. She has also uncovered a government document entitled Project Meggido, which specifically labels Christians as an extremist terrorist threat. Will project Meggido have any impact on Jade Helm 15? Join me as we discuss these important issues. 

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Show Notes:

Lisa's Website: Lisa Haven News

Vine Of Life News

Lisa Haven's YouTube Page

Lisa's Report On Jade Helm 15

Lisa's Report On Project Megiddo

Lisa's Report on Christian Persecution

Military Warned ‘Evangelicals’ No. 1 Threat!

CBN Report: Janet Reno Calls Christians Cultists on 60 Minutes

U.S. City Spies On Churches, Demands Licenses

Episode 30 - The Illusion of Money With Leonard Ulrich

In this week’s episode I continue my conversation with Leonard Ulrich. We preview his upcoming documentary “The Illusion of Money” by discussing some of the financial issues going on in the world today. How did we get into this current economic situation? Are there times of trouble on the horizon? Join me as we discuss how we can prepare for it.

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Show notes:

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The Illusion of Money - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack