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Episode 110 - Ready With An Answer Featuring Phil Baker And BDK (December Edition Part 1)

Episode 110 features the first part of our December listener-directed Q&A podcast. Join Phil Baker and BDK as they answer your questions on a wide variety of Biblical topics. We open the virtual listener mail bag and cover such questions as: What does it mean that those who endure until the end will be saved? Should Christians worship on Saturday or Sunday? What is Lordship salvation? Was Paul a false Apostle? Is God bound from operating in the Earth unless we pray? What does it mean to pray for healing in Jesus’ name? How old where Jesus’ disciples in the Gospel accounts? Are the five fold ministry positions in Ephesians 4 still valid today? Does God require us to tithe to a church today? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion. So please check it out, this is truly one broadcast you won't want to miss!

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Episode 59 - Rise Of The Dragon King With Brian Godawa

Join me as Brian Godawa discusses the spiritual themes behind his latest book The Dragon King: The First Emperor of China. The Dragon King is a action-adventure story rooted in the ancient history of China that uses elements of fantasy to portray unseen spiritual truths. Using ancient historical and mythological research, Brian tells the story of an exotic world ruled by a brutal emperor who is on a mad quest to find the elixir of immortality. Along the way he reveals a fascinating connection that the ancient Chinese have with the God of the Bible. Did the influence of dark spiritual principalities and powers lead to the rise of a Chinese Nimrod figure? Join me as we examine what lies behind the rise of the Dragon King!

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