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Episode 51 - Watchers 101 With Mark Combs

Watchers, Nephililm, Fallen Angels, Ancient Aliens, and Titans are capturing the imagination of a new generation…thanks to television, movies, teen fiction, and graphic novels. The Bible has a lot to say about this subject. In this episode I’m joined by Mark Combs, the author of “End the Beginning”, which logically investigates the flood account of Genesis. Here are some of the questions we’ll address in In “Watchers 101”. What role should apocryphal books like the book of Enoch play in our overall understanding of this subject? Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6? What is the meaning and significance of the name “Watcher”? Are the Titans and the Biblical giants similar? Are there different types of giants? After Noah was there a second Watcher incursion? Did some giants survive the flood? Did corrupted Nephililm DNA survive the flood? What was God’s original mission for the Watchers? Why did the Watchers abandon their mission and their calling? What where some of the forbidden things they taught mankind instead? Did they have a long term goal for mankind? Are the Watchers ancient history or are they still relevant today? Find out the answer to these questions and more!

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Omega Frequency Episode 42 - Examining the Evidence of Noah’s Ark With Mark Combs


Episode 50 - The Remnant: United We Stand With Special Guests Dr. Michael Lake and Sam Swanson

This week is the 50th episode…and we are talking about the Remnant! The Remnant is a called out body of believers who are not for sale, but are passionately pursing God. As members of the Body of Christ we each have a mission to fulfill using the talents that He gave us. We must learn that we can not do this alone. We must stand united for the cause of Christ! Join me for two powerful interviews. First Sam talks about the importance of being the property of God and not of the world. Then we talk about how to walk in obedience to our calling and the need to stand with others of like passion. We then make a major announcement concerning the Omega Frequency Podcast. Then in our second segment Dr Lake thoroughly discusses the remnant and their Biblical destiny in the end times. Make no mistake, we have been commissioned by our King for such a time as this! 


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Episode 27 - A Conversation With Sam Swanson from God's Property Radio (Part Two)

I conclude my interview with Sam Swanson from God’s Property Radio. Join me as we continue our discussion of the Dr. Kent Hovind case. What are some of the underling issues that will impact the Christian Church in the near future? Find out on this week’s episode!

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Magistrates (The Video)

Shawn Stuller Says Gang Members Tried To Attack Kent Hovind


Episode 26 - A Conversation With Sam Swanson from God's Property Radio (Part One)

This week’s episode features part one of a two part interview with Sam Swanson. Join me as we talk about Dr. Kent Hovind, the legal system, the hidden meanings of words, the power of music, and why we must stand for Yeshua and what we believe in.

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BOOMJUICE -"To Sleep, To Dream" (Sam's Prayer)

NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1

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